Tips about the online edition

While you may find that the online edition of Transformation is easy to use without any extra assistance, following are some tips intended to help get our visitors quickly up to speed with this new electronic publication. Viewing the online version of Transformation requires that you have Adobe's "Flash Player" installed on your computer. If you open the online magazine and don't see the cover image (as depicted in the second image below), then you need to install Flash. You can do that at the Player Download Center, and you can test your installation of Flash at this Adobe page. Here's an example of what you'll see when going to, where the online edition is hosted:

And here's what you'll see when opening one of the magazines:

View of Transformation

We recommend that you first "maximize" your browser window to fill your entire computer screen. Then you may also want to click on the "Fullscreen" icon in the upper left. To read the magazine, click (once) on the large image of the page and in a moment, it will "zoom" to a larger version with simple navigation tools, as seen in the next image.

Full-screen view of Transformation

Navigating through the pages is simple, as there are several ways to do so. You can click on the buttons found at the right or left-hand edges of any page, which will flip to the next (or previous) page (or two-page spread). Or, you can click once on the page to return to the original screen (first image above) and use the "thumbnail" images below the magazine to skip to other pages. The article titles on the Contents page are also linked to the pages on which the articles appear, so try clicking on them. After you "zoom in" to a page, if you find that the article text is too small, use the "slider" in the box of tools at the top of the page to increase the magnification (to the right, towards the + sign). You may also decrease the magnification using the same tool. There are other tools and options which you may find useful in viewing the online publication. We will add to these tips as we receive feedback from the magazine's viewers. Please send any feedback to: