Economic Inequality Subgroup

Economic Inequality: A Christian Perspective

Friends - you are invited to a one-hour evening session with members of the Conference Subgroup on Economic Inequality, Church & Society.

WHO: Clergy and Lay members who take seriously the call to bring good news to a world which sorely needs to hear it.

WHAT: Every church in the Desert Southwest Conference received a copy of Economic Inequality: A Christian Perspective, 5-session DVD-based curriculum in the first quarter of 2016.This introductory session will acquaint you with the DVD content and the recommended approach. By participating in this session, you'll begin the process of identifying appropriate discussion leaders and developing the tools necessary to generate meaningful turn-out among your members and constituents.

WHY: Last year’s Annual Conference voted to encourage all of our congregations to study the issue of economic inequality. Bishop Bob stated in his letter to the clergy that accompanied the video, “Your congregation’s timely engagement with this material will enable our Conference to do the work that it has been called to do.”

WHEN: Thursday, May 5th at 7:00 pm.


Chair: Kent Olson -
Staff Person: Billie Fildin -