DisAbility Ministries

Sponsored by the DisAbility Ministries Committee:

Sunday School Teacher DisAbility Ministry Workshop
Saturday, August 13th 2016
8:30am –– 3:00pm
Participation is free of charge

Central United Methodist Church
1875 North Central Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona



  • Various types of DisAbilities require various types of responses.
  • What will I do with this child.
  • General stressors for each type of DisAbility.
  • Ways to manage the behavior that may result.
  • Information on setting up a classroom.
  • Getting pertinent information on each child.
  • Interacting with parents.
  • Demonstrations of various tools that can be used to meet the needs of students with DisAbilities.
  • Adapting Sunday School lessons.
  • and more!

Child care will also be provided (parents need to bring lunch for the children) and participants will receive binders, materials, snacks, and lunch. Click here for a downloadable brochure and registration form.

For information about the DisAbility Ministries activities of the Desert Southwest Conference, contact:

Howard G. Guetherman
DisAbility Ministries Committee - Chairperson

HOME ADDRESS: 11156 West Cameo Drive, Sun City, AZ 85351-2566

H: 623-933-1540
C: 406-231-8924

The DisAbility Ministry Committee is looking for at least one church in each district to be a host church for a DisAbility Concerns Workshop. To find out more click here and download a PDF.