Annual Conference

June 17-21, 2015 at the Renaissance Glendale Hotel & Spa

Secretary of the Annual Conference: Rev. Nancy Cushman,

Renaissance Hotel

For Everyone

    • Hotel Information - Reservations must be received on or before May 11 (Hotel Website)
    • General Registration - early registration due May 15 (Online Form) (PDF)
    • Nominations Skills and Passion Survey - due by May 1 (Online Form) (PDF)
    • Application for Exhibit Space at Ministry Fair - due by May 15 (Online Form)
    • Ignite Grant Posters - due by June 17 (Online) (PDF)

For those with Children and Youth

    • Childcare Registration - early registration due May 15 (Online Form) (PDF)
    • Junior Youth Registration - early registration due May 15 (Online Form) (PDF)

Preconference Information

    • Preconference Dates & locations only. Additional details will be published soon. (Online) (PDF)
    • Journal Order Information (Online) (PDF)

Special Interest

Registration for the items listed below have been added to the Annual Conference General Registration forms above as of March 31. Individuals who have completed their registration prior to this date must update their General Registration selections online or via printable PDF in order to participate.

    • Orientation to Ministry (Online) (PDF)
    • Spiritual Formation: Morning Watch & Theo Pub info. (Online) (PDF)
    • Saturday Morning - Hands on Missions (Online) (PDF)
    • Tuna and Beans Collection (Online) (PDF)
    • Lay Member First-Time Attending Continental Breakfast (Online) (PDF)
    • Board of Church & Society Lunch (Online) (PDF)
    • Claremont School of Theology Alumni/ae Lunch (PDF)

For Plenary Sessions

    • Election Procedures (PDF)
    • Endorsement for Episcopal Candidacy (Online Form)
    • Lay Member Nomination for Delegate (Online Form)
    • Clergy Nomination for Delegate (Online Form)
    • Annual Conference Agenda and Schedule (PDF) *not available yet
    • Strategic Direction Brochures (English PDF) (Spanish PDF)