A Taste of Mingus: Recipes and Stories from Mingus Mountain Camp

Give a Gift that Helps Send a Child to Camp

Looking for the perfect gift idea for relatives, co-workers, neighbors or teachers?  Want to give a gift that gives a second time?  For $20, you can buy a copy of A Taste of Mingus:  Recipes & Stories from Mingus Mountain Camp, and every penny of your purchase price will go to a scholarship fund for children and youth who would not otherwise be able to go to camp.

A full-color, 8.5 by 11" 100-page book, A Taste of Mingus: Recipes & Stories from Mingus Mountain Camp lovingly celebrates the history, setting and stories of our 123-acre United Methodist camp nestled in a forest atop Arizona’s Mingus Mountain.  With a foreword by Arizona Official State Historian Marshall Trimble, the book shares beloved recipes of the camp, archival photographs from the camp’s history, John Chidester’s stunning photography of the camp and mountain setting, and Mary Sue Ingraham’s narrative about the creation of the camp, its traditions and development, and stories of the pioneering people who built and have tended it.  All of the work done on the book--research, writing, book design, photography--was gifted by volunteers as a labor of love.  Donors funded the cost of the book’s printing so that all proceeds can go directly to the DSC Mingus Campership Fund.

All of the recipes in the book are tried and true Mingus recipes.  While the majority of the recipes are scaled for family-sized portions, a handful are beloved “camp-size” or large group recipes that will be valuable additions to a recipe collection. The most frequently requested recipes from camp are identified as “Mingus Favorites.”

Who's on your gift list?

  • Someone who would appreciate being given a gift that makes it possible for children and youth to go to camp?
  • Someone who would be moved at the thought of a child living at UMOM in inner-city Phoenix who saw his first star-filled night sky at camp?
  • Each of your children who has attended camp at Mingus?
  • Your family members in other parts of the country or world who would enjoy a slice of Arizona?
  • Someone who collects cookbooks? 

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